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Nación Pachamama is an eco-spiritual and cultural movement, inspired by the traditions of the Andes and the Himalayas. It is a movement of consciousness that flourishes from the recognition of Life as a Mother, and the recognition of this Life as the tie that binds us to each living being that dwells, has dwelt or will dwell this planet. 

This Mother is called Pachamama and we are Her intimate devotees and committed caregivers.


We are all those who believe in our dreams, and better yet, we are those who believe in the new man and the new woman, and that we can live in Harmony with Nature, in reciprocity, in Ayni, as we call in the Andes and as our grandmothers used to live in Latin America; and we are, above all, those who believe in the transformation of myself  by ourselves, and the replacement of the "I" by the "us", as if we were a great ocean. United, fraternally complementaries, defending the rights of mother nature, spreading the seeds of a Pachamama Consciousness.


Nación Pachamama is a lucid, clear vision of love for Life. There is no suffering or injustice, wherever it be, that does not concern us. No injustice! No war! We want Justice! Peace! Life! Harmony! We believe that love and kindness cannot be contained by distance or border.


We walk through Pachamama spreading seeds of hopeful dreams, becoming brothers and sisters with all traditions, cultures and movements that seek for a conscious change, to reach an awakening to Life in its fullness. 


We are here and now, but we are in the entire Life. Drinking from the faraway breezes, the water of light, this clean and fresh melody that renews us and rejuvenates our heart."