The New Latin American Constitutionalism

– Harmony with Nature and Well Living

Pachamama Manifesto

Fortaleza, November 29th of 2017

We are one living organism. We are Mother Earth: Pachamama. It seems that we are separated, however, everything that exists is born from the same womb. Waters, birds, flowers, people and mountains are complementary expressions of a living, collective and cyclical being. The cultural processes that led to the loss of this consciousness have made humanity see itself detached, standing above Pachamama.
Owing to this disconnection with Mother Earth, we have reached an unsustainable situation. Natural landscapes have become unrecognizable, seeds are modified, farmlands have become barren, loneliness and depression are plaguing people, social and regional inequalities have risen, wars are breaking out, the glaciers are melting away, wildlife is disappearing, original peoples are being decimated, the scourge suffered by the immigrants is worsening, and even human existence itself is under threat. It is necessary to stop, deeply reflect, search for and weave healing convergences for these imbalances.
The breakage of the Harmony with Nature reveals the urgency to recreate the way we deal with our relationships and how we solve conflicts; to propose new economic models and to revise habits of production and consumption. This imposes the recreation of the Law, as pointed out by the transforming Andean Constitutionalism. The global emergency scenario leads us to understand how Harmony is essential to Life. The recovery of the understanding of the interdependence between all beings and of them with the natural cycles, calls us to urgently make an alliance between knowledges, in favor of Life and for the recognition of the rights of Mother Earth and the principle of Harmony, in international, regional, national and local scales.
To recognize that we are a community of mutually complementary beings – Mother Earth – is to put aside separateness and to shelter all Life under the principle of the right to live in Harmony. Rights of Pachamama and human rights are complementary faces of the Well Living, a solution to Humanity’s current dilemma. The Well Living presents possibilities of a greater reach to the full realization of these rights in the ecological, social, economic and spiritual dimensions. To defend human rights is to defend the rights of Mother Earth. To secure the rights of Mother Earth is to uphold human rights.
Considering the goal 12.8 of the United Nations Agenda 2030, to ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in Harmony with Nature, and the convergence between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( http://www.rightsofmotherearth.com/images2015/declarations%20pdf/declaration-sp.pdf ) and the Oslo Manifesto of 2016 (Oslo Manifesto for Ecological Law and Governance - www.elga.world/oslo-manifesto/), we endorse these documents regarding the Rights of Mother Earth and the principle of Harmony with Nature. We consider the duty of Humanity, of the States, of the civil societies, of all peoples, to promptly and diligently take on the role of caregivers of Life to immediately promote the ethical and juridical principles of Harmony with Nature and the recognition of the Rights of Pachamama.












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