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21 Days


March1st to 21st



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Song to the Heart of Pachamama


We are born of a Mommy, who is the representative of the Divine Mother on the Earth in your life, and it has been the most unspeakable Love you had, the pure baby love. Now you miss it, in the deep of your Soul you seek this union with the maternal, these 21 days are made for this unity, for this Motherly Love, so that you, too, can be maternal with the whole of Life.

We can be maternal, feminine, mild and humble servant of all beings, caretakers of animals, forests and the Holy Earth. We are living and organic shields that protect Life from all the neocapitalist predators that seek profit alone.


Let us wake and unite to the lines of loving human beings, good and pure of intentions, who are from Nación Pachamama and other groups, fighting for the well-being of all beings that are sensitive, excluded, persecuted and sacrificed for profit`s sake by separatist ideologies.

This is the last of the battles, there is no way of being neutral, come to the garden of the kind of Pachamama and feel the clearest country of Lovingness.

A great song, a fresh vibration springs from the high of the mountains in the Himalayas and in the Andes, elevating us, and we vibrate in gratefulness. All quiet in silent adoration to the song of Pachamama blessing all beings of life.

Andean Masters


What is the

21 Days Practice?

A change of look

through a eco spiritual,

simple and profound



The 21 days practice is a change of look, through an ancient eco spiritual practice, carefully translated to the current reality, and redesigned maintaining its Andean, simple, profound essence…


The 21 days practice is a rebirth of the heart, of making the mind lighter and quieter and detoxing the body and feeling Life.


The Andean masters come to your life, dance with your soul so you blossom… and receive the living water of affection to drink, the vital mood and the poetic guide to enjoy the present moment


The practice happens twice a year, and in each edition we have a new subject, bringing the freshness of this wonderful moment!





With the guidance of a handbook, you will practice in your daily routine. The digital handbook is simple, poetic and clear and is divided in two parts: one of orientations, that will slowly take you to feel this new universe inside you. There are texts with suggestions of activities, exercises, kriyas, alimentary recommendations, feelings and energetic and emotional cleansing. And another part that will give you a daily orientation, based on the first part.


For 21 days, thousands of practitioners throughout the world connect to this sensitive network. The journey, even though each person make it in their daily life, is collective, intimate and aimed to the subtle changes.








The practice happens where the practitioner is! The proposal of the 21 days is done inside the daily life revealing the spiritual epopee, the sensitive look in the most ordinary moments.








Download the musics and the guided meditation to your computer, mobile or tablet.


​• Daily reading.

• Meditation practice.

• The book has 140 pages

• Kriya Yoga exercise, that will help you to open the heart and bathe your body with refined energy.
• A differentiated alimentation is recommended: natural and with less toxins, that each one realizes according with their possibility, being only and indication for the bodies to detox.
• A playlist of songs with a guided meditation and songs to be listened to during the days of Practice.
• Individual follow-up.
• In the end of the Practice, we will celebrate this wonderful journey together in the Peasant Communities of Nación Pachamama (optional participation).